Welcome to So Wot?

Here it's all about empowering neurodivergent individuals and fostering a world that celebrates neurodiversity. I am Katherine McKay, the founder and passionate advocate behind this endeavour.

The Mission 

Simple yet powerful: to empower neurodivergent individuals, to embrace their identity, navigate challenges, and lead fulfilling lives. I believe that neurodiversity is a strength and an asset to society, and I am passionate about spreading awareness and fostering inclusion.

I have witnessed incredible transformations in the lives of individuals like you. From building self-confidence and resilience to developing effective coping strategies, my goal is to empower you to thrive in a neurotypical world while staying true to your authentic self.

In addition to my dedication to clients, I actively engage with the neurodiverse community. I collaborate with local organisations and participate in advocacy initiatives, believing in the power of community and the importance of creating a supportive network where individuals can connect, learn, and grow together.

As a newly established business, I am proud to offer my expertise and hold a Degree in Psychology with Counselling skills BS, along with other diplomas. Your trust and well-being are my top priorities, and I am committed to providing you with the highest standards of service.

I invite you to explore the website to learn more about the services, and get in touch with me to start your own path towards embracing neurodiversity and unlocking your full potential.

Together, let's embrace the power of neurodiversity and embark on a remarkable journey of growth and self-discovery.

Katherine McKay

Wellness Coach and founder of SoWot?

"As a neurodivergent individual myself, I understand the challenges and opportunities that come with being neurodiverse, and I am committed to creating a space where neurodivergent individuals can thrive."